The 2024 Firefighter Safety Stand Down

Charles Leach Agency Special

The week of June 16 – 22, 2024, is Firefighter Safety Stand Down.

It’s a week dedicated to addressing critical safety, health, and survival issues for fire and emergency services personnel. As the largest writer of insurance for volunteer fire departments in the state of Pennsylvania, this is an initiative that is supported by Charles Leach.

This year’s Safety Stand Down emphasizes the importance of a solid, foundational training program with the theme “Fire Training: Back to Basics.”

During this week, all fire departments are encouraged to pause non-emergency activities to focus exclusively on safety and health education. This week-long event ensures participation from all duty shifts, providing ample opportunity for comprehensive involvement.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Building the foundation of a training program
  2. Assessing the needs of the community and department
  3. Ensuring safety during training
  4. Addressing physical and behavioral/mental health considerations
  5. Understanding the 12 foundations of fire department training 

Here is a resource guide to help plan your Firefighter Safety Stand Down event. This is an excellent opportunity to reinforce foundational training and ensure the well-being of all personnel.