Get the best for your best friend.

Your pet is loyal companion and friend and an important part of your life. So when you make the decision to take care of him or her, you’re helping your entire family. When your pets are protected, you can be just as carefree as they are.

Coverage for your pets is available for accidents and illnesses, with the option of preventive add-on care as well. Preventative Care coverage is available for dental cleanings, wellness exams, heartworm tests, DHLPP vaccine, and more.

We offer a selection of different annual limits, deductibles and reimburse percentages. Plus, you have the freedom to choose any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic. There is no waiting period for Preventative Care and Accident Coverage (with the exception of ligament and knee conditions). Our coverage is easy to understand, and it includes reimbursements that are a straight percentage of the covered vet bill.

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