Make Sure Your Backyard Party is Protected

Lisa Goth Special, Uncategorized

As graduates move their tassels from right to left, the season of backyard celebrations commences. Graduation parties typically take place in a family’s backyard, in addition to weddings, Fourth of July celebrations, and neighborhood barbeques. Before you host a celebration of this type, check your homeowner’s insurance policy for party protection or event liability insurance.

Inviting a crowd of guests to your home for festivities comes with several risks, and as the host, you have responsibilities, including the safety of your guests. Before you open your door to invitees, it’s best to contact your insurance agent to understand the details of your homeowner’s policy surrounding the party’s protection.

Talk with your insurance agent about the following common scenarios:

  1. What if a guest trips and gets hurt? Am I covered for a possible lawsuit and medical bills? Liability insurance coverage has limits. Investigate umbrella policies for higher levels of protection if you have significant personal assets.
  2. What if a guest is a thief? Stolen items are covered, even gifts brought for the guest-of-honor, but to what extent is based on your homeowner’s policy. If an incident occurs that ruins the gifts, coverage is dependent upon your particular policy and carrier.
  3. What is my liability if I serve alcohol? It’s one of the biggest exposures for a party host.  If a party guest drives home intoxicated and is involved in a car crash, the homeowner may be held liable for injuries to passengers, third parties, and even damages at the scene.  A lawsuit would also be a likely outcome. There are specific coverages for liquor liability.
  4.  Fire while preparing food, inside or out. A structural fire can happen amongst all the commotion of a party. In the process of extinguishing flames, guests could be victim to some type of harm.
  5. Outdoor festivities include swimming in the pool and jumping on the trampoline. Both items increase the risk for accidents. If your insurance company is not aware of these items on your property, you may not be covered in the case of injury. Make sure your policy is up-to-date and accurate.
  6. My dog bites a guest. Will your homeowner’s policy cover this incident? Make sure your pet is listed on your policy.
  7. Vendorssuch as a bartender, band, or photographer. These types of hired professionals should have the appropriate insurance of their own. Always ask them for proof of insurance before you hire.

Before you host your next house party, gain peace of mind by calling Charles Leach at 814-275-3224. Our professionals will provide you with a thorough review of your current homeowner’s insurance and make recommendations to ensure you are properly protected so you can enjoy your party!