Mike Wyant

Mark Wyant

Insurance Area: Commercial
Position: Sales Executive

Mark Wyant joined the Agency in 1983 selling home, auto and life insurance. Today Mark is an independent salesman who has held a Certified Insurance Counselor designation and specializes in natural gas production, farming and trucking.

Whether it is his customers or community, Mark is committed to serve them to the best of his ability.

Mark and his wife Wendy enjoy traveling and spending time with their kids and grandkids in Florida.

Why do you work at Leach?

“They are a great group of people to work with, and I know that I can count on them to work with my clients, when I am away from my desk. Together we have decades of experience giving me confidence that we can handle even the not so common insurance issues.“

What is the best part of working with clients?

“The best part is the friendships I have made with my clients, when they call with a problem it becomes my problem too and there is no better feeling then fixing things for them.“