From Cradle to Grave, Safety and Security are a Constant in Life

Lisa Goth Cyber

From the time we enter this world, our personal safety and security are a constant priority and a necessary component for our healthy development. Parents focus on eliminating risks in our physical world by creating protective barriers from unintended accidents.

Your business is like your child. You nurture it into a thriving extension of yourself. Just as you swaddle a newborn to feel safe and secure, you build firewalls and install security software to shroud your business from those who want to attack.

Today’s hyperconnected world has added threats to our security through cybercriminals. A single click can contaminate your data and invite chaos into your systems, making you vulnerable to financial and reputational damage. Babyproofing your business using cybersecurity techniques protects your company’s data and resources to always-present cybercriminals.

While new technologies increase connectivity and data growth, it also exposes critical infrastructure to threats. You need to think and act in terms of being resilient, not just compliant.

For example, what do you do with electrical outlets that are within reach of a toddler? Do you just section off that part of the room, or do you insert a protective outlet plug? A barrier keeps the toddler away until he figures out a way to get through or beyond what is in place, such as a baby gate.

The plug takes into consideration that when the toddler breaks through the first hurdle, he is not at risk of being shocked or electrocuted because the plug is an added impediment to access. Now think if a cybercriminal obtained a password from an employee by posing as a reputable vendor needing access to your online files. If you have employed a two-factor authentication security measure, it’s as if you have used the baby gate and inserted the outlet plug to avoid further infiltration.

Sometimes accidents happen no matter what measures we take to prevent them. That is where the professionals at Charles Leach step in. With cyber liability insurance, they can help pick up the pieces, super glue, and replace the damages and keep your business operating. They can help you ensure the future growth and protection of your business. Give them a call at 814.275.3224 or send an email to