Daily Website Attacks

Lisa Goth Cyber

Forbes recently revealed that about 30,000 websites get hacked every day. A large percentage of those are small, legitimate business sites that are unknowingly distributing malware. Since the big corporation attacks make the headlines, it is a misconception that small businesses are not at risk. In reality, more than half of all attacks are usually against small business websites.

Crowdstrike’s Threat Hunting Report 2020, identified 41,000 “hands-on” intrusions the first half of 2020, as opposed to the 35,000 detected during all of 2019.

Here are existing and emerging cybersecurity threats you should be aware of:

  • Deepfakes: When artificial intelligence technology creates fake images and sounds that appear real. This includes voice technology which replicates the voice of known officials or celebrities to deceive victims into providing sensitive information.
  • Synthetic identities: This is a form of identity theft in which scammers use a mix of real and fabricated credentials to create the illusion of a real person.
  • AI-powered cyberattacks: These programs mimic known human behavior used to trick people into giving up their personal or financial information.
  • Disinformation in social media: Also known as fake news, and it is often spread through social media.
  • 5G: This new technology creates new cybersecurity challenges on the Internet of Things (IoT) networks.
  • Vehicle cyberattacks: With more vehicles connected to the internet, the fear is that hackers may disable or even take over transportation safety functions.
  • Cloud jacking: When hackers infiltrate programs and systems stored in the cloud and use these resources to mine for cryptocurrency.
  • Election Security: Hackers are targeting voter-registration databases to destroy or disrupt information of state and local governments, possibly preventing people from being able to vote.
  • Data privacy: When accessing sensitive information such as social security numbers and bank account numbers. Currently, hospitals and medical networks are prime targets because of the stored patient personal and financial information, which can be sold on the dark web.

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