2020 Cyber Attacks Are Underway

Lisa Goth Cyber

According to several studies, it takes 197 days to detect a data breach. A Clark School study at the University of Maryland was one of the first to be able to quantify the near-constant rate of hacker attacks of computers with internet access – every 39 seconds on average, affecting one in three Americans every year.

Do you want to be the one in three? 

The only fail-safe way of protecting the data of your customers, clients, and yourself is to disconnect from the internet. And in today’s digital world disconnecting is not an option. In order to stay active and competitive, your business needs to take preemptive action against future, potentially catastrophic, cybersecurity breaches. 

1. Prevent Attacks

Despite an overall increase in security investments, 95% of cybersecurity breaches are attributed to human error. These inadvertent and unintentional occurrences can be decreased by implementing a streamlined privacy policy and an employee training program.

2. Identify the Most Common Breaches

  • Inside attacks such as administrative rights misuse
  • Malware: virus, worm, Trojan, spyware
  • Password attack
  • Phishing, such as spam e-mails
  • Ransomware, which infects your device

If you have a digital presence, you will likely experience a breach at some point. You cannot predict when an attack will occur, but taking proper precautions can alleviate actions such as lost revenue, suspended operations, and reputational damage. 

To guard against the heavy losses that come as a result of a cyber incident, cyber insurance is a worthwhile investment. The professionals at Charles Leach have decades of experience to properly help you protect your assets and mitigate your risks. Charles Leach is your team of cybersecurity experts in 2020 and beyond!